7+ Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs for Weddings

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Mehendi design is famous in India because of its unique elegance. If a friend’s wedding is ahead, and you want a stylish look for your hand, then you are at the right place. Selecting a design that best fits your hand can be difficult sometimes.

Don’t worry; we got you covered. Following is the list of best mehndi designs for the wedding season.

Let’s start!

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabs have always shocked the world with their dazzling-looking designs. The designs are so attractive and “Teekhay” that everyone notices them.

The list contains some of the most beautiful latest designs for your events.

1) Black Moti

This black Moti has whirling flowers on the lower side of the hand. The designs are so delicate that it looks like a black garden. The two colors of nail polish look so fancy on it.

There are few blocks and leafy structures in the design.

You can also wear a matching ring to enhance more beauty.

On the other hand, a sketchy traditional color is going toward the lower side. It is more suitable for aged women.

Arabic mehndi design

2) New Flowers

As the name says, these flowers are the latest in design. It looks so exquisite and modern. Even a bride can apply this on her hand. 

It is the best opportunity for bridesmaid to enhance their elegance.

The right finder is designed with more work, and the other works have slim designs.

The thumb-whirling pattern is moving towards the palm. There are royal flowers everywhere on the hand.

The dots on three fingers cover the rest of the area.

latest arabic mehndi designs

3) Dongi Mehandi

The dongi mehandi is a pure artwork of old-fashioned mehandi designs. It may require the help of a professional if you are new to mehndi designs.

The art is delicate and mouth-watering. The fingers are covered with grace and sympathy.

If you are an old-fashioned lover, nothing beats this artwork. If you plan to apply this, save this image in your gallery, or come back later to visit this image again.

latest arabic mehndi designs

4) Baron ka Design

As the name indicates, this design will look good on older people. There was a time when aunties used to apply red mehndi on their hands, but the time has changed now.

Everyone desired to apply the latest Arabic mehandi designs.

It is supported with two different colors and a few minutes of work.

nice hand

5) Jaali Design

This latest Jaali design is perfect for a bridesmaid. Sometimes, the bridesmaid is so busy with the bride that they must remember to fashion themselves. 

If you want a quick magic beautifying this design, select this picture. I know your heart is pounding fast; this design is so cozy.

stylish girl mehandi

6) Dotting Mehandi

The dotting design on top of the fingers looks like a Jaali. The two-sided finger colors appear attractive.

The left finger has a lot of work on it. It may require professional advice to modernize this further.

You better watch out for mehandi artists.

The conclusion:

Below is the list of some of more latest designs for your functions. You can also modify these designs further by adding or changing colors of your choice.

stylish girl mehandi

Latest hand designs

Latest hand designs

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Payal Mansha is a Mehndi design enthusiast, with a profound passion for sharing her love in traditional form of body art. Born in the vibrant streets of Mumbai, Payal's appreciation for cultural beauty was instilled in her at an early age. A firm believer in the transformative power of art, she transitioned her adoration for Mehndi into a creative profession.

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