Is Henna and Mehndi Same? Benefits of Using Henna

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Henna and Mehndi have been used for more than 5000 years ago. The exact date of its usage and property still needs to be discovered. However, there are many observation-based benefits of using Henna. Henna is known as ” Mehndi ” in Asian countries. It is primarily cultivated in Pakistan and India. The use of Henna in Asian countries is more than in European countries.

Back to its history and usage, Henna was initially used for its cooling properties in hot countries. The natural cooling effect of Henna kills the warm temperature and gives instant relief.

Is Mehndi and Henna Same Thing?

Yes. Mehndi and Henna are the same things with different names around the globe. It is known as Henna in English, whereas in Hindi/Urdu, it is well-known as Mehndi.

Henna is applied to celebrations in South Asian countries. The events include Eid and weddings.

When Henna was first discovered, it was used for its different healing and cooling properties, whereas now, it is used for beautiful simple mehndi designs.

Mehandi’s actual consumption is forsaken as many other items are available in the market.

What are the benefits of Henna/Mehndi?

There is no scientific-based research to help claim the benefits of Henna, but the study is based on observation.

Henna For Hair

Dr. Khushbo says that henna is anti-fungal and can help with dandruff. It also provides rich color and can prevent hair from turning grey.

Controlling Oil Secretions

Do you know your hair secretes oil from the scalp? It can be due to many reasons. When mehndi is applied to hairs, it controls the secretion level and regulates the average balance.

Your hair loss can be controlled using this natural substance.

Henna for Nails

Every one of us has experienced the pain and agony when nails are cracked, and little space is left open. As a result, the risk of infection multiplies and opens the door to diseases.

Using mehndi is good for the nails.

You need to take mehndi leaves, pour them into the water cup, and drink them. It will help your nail’s health, or you can directly apply it to your nails.

Henna for Insomnia

Due to progressing technology and lack of exercise, millions of people face depression and insomnia. From medicines to counseling, victims try different options for treatment.

But do you know henna oil can cure insomnia? The effects of henna oil can help you sleep at night.

Henna for Skin

The mehndi mixed with other medicines can help heal the burning sensation of wounds in the skin as it has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

It has been used as a treatment for skin for hundreds of years. As a result, the wound’s inflammation and healing process become more effective and natural.

Henna for Fever

The body’s high temperature in fever becomes very harmful in some circumstances. For example, you are already suffering from diseases and can’t take medicines to lower your body temperature. In this case, henna leaves are placed on your hands as it cools down your burning body temperature.

Henna for heart attack

According to, heart attacks take the lives of 17.9 million people each year.

The precaution measurement is also high with the increasing number of heart attacks.

Surprisingly, henna water can help lower heart attack and stroke threats. The properties inside henna water can help increase the platelet number.

The Conclusion

The information includes the benefits of Henna and how mehndi and Henna are the same. There are also risk factors involved in excessive usage or if misused. You must consult your doctor if you plan to include mehndi in your daily routine.

Your doctor may know your health history and provide a specific amount of alternative ways you can cope with health problems naturally.

If you have been using Henna for a while, let us know how does it help you? What are your concerns?

There are a lot of people who wants to know real example of how Henna helped them.

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