How To Remove Mehendi From Nails |

Mehendi is an integral part of the Indian festival. It symbolizes happiness, honor, and celebration. The Arabic mehndi designs involve applying henna on your nails and fingers. While it is a pleasure to use Mehendi, sometimes it becomes difficult to remove it from your skin and nails. The powder paste is sticky and takes time and effort to go away. However, there are still ways you can do to get rid of the daunting paste.

How Can I Remove Mehendi From Nails?

There are a few steps you can take to remove it. The list includes:

#1 Olive Oil

With thousands of scientific-based benefits, olive oil also aids in removing Mehendi from nails. The warm soaked cotton of olive oil melts down the powder paste of henna. If not eradicated, it will abolish the density of the power paste and fasten the removal procedure.

You can apply olive oil a couple of times, and it will eliminate the henna paste.

#2 Hot Water

The hot temperature speedily increases the removal procedure of sticky henna. You can soak your hands in warm water 5-6 times daily. The color of Mehendi will start fading as it is exposed to warm temperatures.

It is the most natural way of removing it from nails.

#3 Lemon and Baking Soda

Do you know why people apply lemon on the face because it has powerful cleansing effects? It does the same with nails if mixed with baking soda.

You need to make a mixture of lemon and baking soda and apply the mixture to your nails.

Let it soak on your fingers.

You can wash your hands after 1 hour.

#4 Toothpaste

To your surprise, toothpaste also works on removing Mehendi. In addition, toothpaste also has cleansing properties that work perfectly on nails.

You don’t need to mix it with anything. For example, you can apply toothpaste to your nails and let them dry for half an hour. You can wash your nails with warm water after half an hour.

#5 Salt

Salt nourishes not only nourishes food but also helps in removing those gummed pastes on nails. There is no rocket science or formula you need to apply.

All you need is warm water and 1-2 tablespoons of salt, and you are good to go.

Pour the salt into warm water and soak your hands in it.

Let your hands stay in the mixture for 15-20 minutes. You will see a significant impact on the density of nail color just after the process. You can do this a few times a day.

The Conclusion

The henna looks excellent when freshly applied but starts appearing as trash when it diminishes color. Also, it looks terrible on nails, so people try to remove it. Unfortunately, it will take a few days to a week to vanish. However, we’ve mentioned several ways you can diminish the Mehendi fast.

If you’ve used any of the procedures mentioned above, please tell us what method worked well for you and how much time it took.

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