How To Make Simple Mehndi Designs For Hands

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The mehndi designs making involve several steps and precautions. There are different types of designs. Some designs require expertise while others are easy to draw. In this article, we are focused on explaining easy ways to create the art with easy. Before we jump in, we need to tell you that this article doesn’t tell on how to draw mehndi design step by step because it can’t be explain on video. The practice, consistency, and teaching can make someone learn about the process involve in drawing mehndi designs successfully.


We’ve listed some easy ways of crafting art on your hand because the majority of people are unable to draw difficult designs.

There are two ways you can get it done. The first step involves:

The Mehndi Stickers

How To Make Simple Mehndi Designs For Hands
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If you’ve never heard about them, let me explain. Do you remember the bubble stickers when you were a baby? All we had to do was to apply the sticker on our body and the picture was embedded on our skin. It is the same way you can apply mehndi on your body.

There are stickers available on the internet that can make your task simpler. You can buy your favorite sticker and copy paste the entire design.

There is a huge collection to choose from. If you are a peacock fan, you can select peacock mehendi designs for the day.

The important thing is you will need to consider the size of sticker before you buy it. The size should match the length of your hand because once it lands on your hands, it is difficult to remove it instantly.

There are a lot stickers for leg designs and wrists.

If you are buying it online, make sure you talk to the seller about the dimensions of the sticker.

The image included will help you understand on how mehndi stickers work.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

There is no miracle way of crafting difficult designs on hand. However, if you are determined to do so, then you can actually learn the art of doing so.

In case, you don’t want to mess things up, you can start drawing henna on rough papers.

The lotus motifs, circle designs, and the art of hiding name in mehndi designs, you will need to practice these on papers before drawing it.

It will take weeks to few months to get clarity in your hands. If you wish to take this as profession, there is a big demand of henna in the market.

The Eid days, Karwa Chauth, and other events call out for Mehndi.

Payal Mansha is a Mehndi design enthusiast, with a profound passion for sharing her love in traditional form of body art. Born in the vibrant streets of Mumbai, Payal's appreciation for cultural beauty was instilled in her at an early age. A firm believer in the transformative power of art, she transitioned her adoration for Mehndi into a creative profession.

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