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Almost all brides apply mehndi on their wedding day, but have you ever seen a groom with mehndi? Well, it’s not common, but in some cultures, grooms are styled with exquisite designs. Usually, when the groom uses henna, his cousins also style themselves with it.

The natural artwork on the bride’s hand is very delicate and precise, while the boy’s mehndi is simpler than the girl’s.

Modern Boys Mehndi Design

We will write down the different types of mehandi designs. Then, the finest photographs with little commentary will make their way into your hearts. The list begins here:

Bansi Ka Dulha

As simple as that, the royal hue of henna is designed on both hands. The left hand is engraved with ” Bansi ka Dulha. ” You can write the groom’s name instead, while a cozy delicate lining is made on the right hand.


If you want to avoid this design as a dulha, you can suggest this art to your friend.


Spinning Dots

The sensational showpiece, on just one hand, is a treasure. But, on the other hand, a sequence of beautiful circles and arrows is embedded between them, making it look like a spinning wheel.

In the end, the triangular dots complete this masterpiece.

Source: Instagram

The Radiance

Radiant as the sun and darker than night, this design is simple but vibrant. His love name is written down on his finger.

The easy lotus motifs and semi-circles complete the groom.

groom mehndi design

The Lamp

The masterstroke big K symbolizes his partner’s name. The warm drawing on the K base is terrific. The K bends down in the end, forming the lamp on top of it. There is a fire on the lamp that looks great.

groom mehndi design

The Love Story

Three cups a cone and Tithi, I love you creating this art. All the designs are super easy to draw. It is an excellent way to describe your love for the groom at the wedding. It will definitely win her heart.

You should give this a try and see how she reacts.

boys mehendi design

Subhihi & Nikhil

An incredible love story with names inside the mirror. This design is the editor’s favorite choice because the couple’s names are inside a mirror, making it look inside a heart. In addition, the curved dark lining on the upper side appears very confident.

The finger’s design represents royalty and championship. Each finger is like a temple!

groom mehandi design

The collection of symbol for boys mehndi design

It is a fancy-looking design with different items and a logo on the wrist. The first item is Dior perfume, and the list continues with a mirror, lipstick, shoes, needle, glasses, purse, blush, nail polish, heart, and flower in the end.

This design can be used by boys and girls as the items are combined with different nature items.
You should not apply this mehndi to formal events as it is meant for fancy celebrations.

boys ka mehndi design

Raja Ki Bittu

The right hand is inscribed with the hashtag ” Raja ki Bittu.” We don’t know what that means, but you can write whatever you want on your hand. The left hand includes the shining moon with two alphabets inside it.

As the sun is necessary for life and shines on everything in a day, couples will also live their lives like the sun.

boys ka mehndi design

The Final Words

The boy’s Arabic mehendi design is a preference but not mandatory. The ratio of the groom’s mehndi design is significantly less. Out of 1000 grooms, only 1 will apply mehndi on the hand while the bride’s ration is 1000/1000.

Men’s art is elementary and stylish. It usually contains the hidden name of the bride and groom with a little symbol to make it look good. The showpieces can be inscribed on the groom’s hand by his sister as it is not very hard to craft, while the bride’s mehndi requires a Mehandi artist to draw.

This list is a top-notch choice, and we hope you select the finest image. If you choose from our collection, let us know which images won your heart and what compliments you got.

Payal Mansha is a Mehndi design enthusiast, with a profound passion for sharing her love in traditional form of body art. Born in the vibrant streets of Mumbai, Payal's appreciation for cultural beauty was instilled in her at an early age. A firm believer in the transformative power of art, she transitioned her adoration for Mehndi into a creative profession.

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