89+ All Time Great Mehndi Designs For Indians

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Mehndi design (Mehendi design) is an old fashion in South Asia. It is mostly celebrated in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. There are some occasions where all women beautify them by applying Mehndi. If you are Mehndi lover, we have a great deal of High-quality images here. There is something for everyone below.

We will begin by exhibiting simple mehndi designs that everyone can create as only a few people can draw challenging designs. The entire list follows:

1. Simple Mehndi Design

Simple designs are easy to apply. These are generally for bridesmaid and cousins. And, we all have little girls that cry for Mehndi, you can apply these designs on their hand.

The Glory Simple Design

This style stands for glory, and it’s on the top list because it’s impressive and precise. You can effortlessly copy and apply this on hand, and It takes a few minutes to apply.

If you are a beginner, we recommend testing this.

mehndi design
mehndi design

The Bad Eye Easiest Design

If you desire to take an extravagant little turn with simplicity, a little persistence will do it because it begins with making a couple of bent lines and a tiny reproduction of it inside.

The edges are pointing outside that stretch a little to your wrist, making it look exquisite.

simple mehandi designs

The White Light

The majority of people remember it by other titles, but I refer to it as “The white light” since the arrangement seems exquisite on white hands.

The photos address everything, and the plan will sparkle in the moonlight. You can make schoolgirls day by applying this on their hands.

simple mehndi designs

The Black Circle Simple Mehndi Design

If you are a dark fanatic, you will need dark mehndi and a bridesmaid to draw a dark circle on your backhand and fill it accurately.

A little covering underneath your nails will give it a decent shade, and you can put leaves and dab them to make the circle seem over a dark sun.

simple mehndi design

The Warm Jhumka

This easiest design calls for only two tones, and all you have to do is concentrate.

You should begin with your fingers, gradually advancing down after you are finished with your fingers, make a flower on your backhand, stretch three lines towards your wrist, and replicate.


The Bold Design

This classic simple mehandi design looks viscous, and you have previously seen these designs on an aunt’s hand because they cherish them.

Assuming you are tired of tedious artwork, you can also attempt this for yourself.

simple and easy mehndi design

Arabic Mehendi Designs

Arabic designs are hard to draw but they are very attractive.

The Two Ways

In Indian culture, Arabic Mehendi design is pervasive because brides pick these simple to complex designs for unforgettable festival.

The below design is glamorous, and you will need assistance to make it.

arabic mehndi design
Source: Facebook

The Arabic Mehndi Design

You can accomplish this goal if you have patience and use dark mehndi because it is stunning and captivating in its own right. It is so simple yet brilliant, and this one comes highly recommended by us. This Raksha Bandhan can match bridesmaid choice as well.

simple arabic mehndi design

The Arabic Rose Motif.

For rare and unique events, this is the perfect choice.

As the dark color is applied on the upper side of the fingers, while the lighter color fades downwards, this takes time and the help of a professional to create.

But, then, you need a little paint and art on your wrist to get started, and you’re good to go.

If you are planning a wedding or a festival, you should consider doing this.

arabic mehndi design

The Square Rose Motif

This Jali design more complex than it appears because the layout is simple and uncluttered, but polishing it into something sensational will take time and effort.

The pattern appears on the back and wrist of the hand, and it consists of square boxes that become smaller as they go toward the palm.

The bracelet’s wrist area has a stately appearance and a wavelike aesthetic, with a few sharp lines superimposed. You can learn more about Jali design here.

easy arabic mehndi designs

The Jhumka Mirror

This design is fantastic if it’s “JAAGA” because the mehndi on the fingertips is relatively thin. At its tip is a form reminiscent of a leaf reflective in appearance, the backhand has a mosaic of fine, individual lines and a flower is centered inside a circle of a darker hue.

arabic mehndi designs

The Raksha Bandhan

Despite poor image quality, I could not resist adding this image to the list because it’s pretty regal looking. The design and hues are unearthly, and a thick coat of henna is required.

Its distinctiveness lies in the positivity and the way it ends.

modern arabic henna design

The Bold Arabic Circle

You can draw this blasting version of Henna art with comfort because all it takes is attention and an approach to immaculate circle-making mastery. Each hand has unique characteristics, and the finishing borders of the bridal mehndi make it remarkable.

The newborn girl’s hand is the perfect choice to mould this.

henna mehndi design

3. Easy Mehndi Design

Spreading henna on one’s hands requires craftwork, and not everyone has it.

The Simplicity

The first one exudes sophistication and time-saving capability, and you must produce a few slashes on your finger and add supplementary Mehendi to the middle region.

Is henna and mehndi same?


Raksha Bandhan Easiest Design

Bold and captivating, the paisley mehendi signifies grandeur and serenity and let’s assume you have your heart set on this one, then make sure to get Mehandi in a complementary shadow.

With the help of bridesmaids and sisters, you can create the same pattern and pick a shade of nail polish to create a striking visual contrast.


#3 The Easy Mehndi Design Shiner

This drawing has a monarchical feel, and it may not seem onerous to draw, but it is.

Check how to hide name in mehndi designs.

The structure of each finger is leisurely and simple, and a winding loop with heavy waves stretches back to the earlier section.


#4 The Chain

It’s been named “The Chain” because it continues in the same spirit as before.

The making should initiate on the top side if you determine to proceed with this picture and carefully evaluate the composition of the arrangement. Then, you can choose a shade that carries out its allure and is not limited to just one possibility.

Color the white part of your hand with light hues and the brown part with dark stains.

Image Courtesy – Khair Henna

The Festival

If time is running short, this model may save the day because this design caters to most people. You must draw some fundamental lines and black patches, and it’s finished with an exquisite flourish that adds a touch of refinement.

easy mehndi design

The Easy Mehndi Designer

Though time-consuming, this temple-forming design is breeze to create. I guess that senior gentlewomen will look fabulous in this style.

At the outset, there is a sequence of two curved lines that pursue each other. The midsection begins at the wrist and concludes at the exact pinpoint.

easy mehandi design

The Ring & Bracelet Style

You’ve come to the perfect location if you’re envisioning a scene where you can relax in comfort and style. Stunning is the only word to describe this fashion.

Those rings and bracelets have some kind of creative flair about them. You must stock up on these hues.

Pure henna and black Mehendi dots give the pattern a pearly sheen. Likewise, you may tweak this to suit your needs. I’d love to see your photos, so please send them my way.

Use it on both hands, and decorate the front with whatever you choose.

simple and easy mehndi designs

The Stylish Ring

If you pick this, you need to make sure you have two things:

  • Ring
  • Matching clothes

If these two things are combined, beauty will reach its full potential, and the vogue will be uncomplicated.

beautiful mehndi design

Floral Pattern Arabic

Only an absolute artistic genius can think of this astounding simplicity of the henna art. With a two-tone color effect, the meaning of this image is immediately apparent.

These colors are easily accessible, and even beginner will be able to recreate this marvel.

beautiful simple mehndi design


4. Full Hand Bridal Mehndi Designs

The Lotus Motif

This lotus theme may be an excellent choice if you feel overwhelmed and do not want to overindulge in intricacy. Not only would this enchantress and eccentric design look great on full hands, but even a beginner can help draw this.

In contrast to other designs, this one has a uniform pattern on both sides. Again, the author’s creativity is just mind-blowing.

At first, it’s formed artistically like a grill, with descending lines of varying colors with blossoms and grace adorning the center region.

The hands elevate the status and decency of the whole design. Henna with a dark green color is applied to the palms of both hands to set them apart.

full hand mehndi design

An Ancient Full Hand Mehndi Design

This exquisite and lavish henna art looks ancient and aesthetic. You’ll need to find a mehndi artist or talented bridesmaid for this design. This full hand mehndi design is endearing and lovable.

This charming motif can change your day. It applies two similar bright shades.

henna designs

Black Paisley Mehendi

The leading layout comes with a choice. You can see the name of the famous game show on the left side. You have two options. You can either embed the name of your spouse or flowers on the left arm.

The same goes for the food chain name that stands on top of it. You can craft long buildings to make them look splendid.

The appearance of hands and feet is alluring. It comes with a well-designed and suitable pattern that makes it unique.

full hand mehndi design

The Paisley Mehendi

The pitch-black paisley design with floral and horizontal lines build this astonishing design.

It is a dense, well-crafted image with a wonderful pattern at each step. There is “GA” written on the right hand of the bride. Your artist will embed whatever name or character you want on your hand.


The Peacock Full Hand Mehndi Design Lover

If you are a peacock design lover, this sketch can fulfil your wish. The theme lays light color on arms and dark color on hands. The peacocks are enclosed in the flames of a cup with little leaves underneath it, and the hands are Hindi culture class used in marriages with flowers and leaves radiating together.

Rainbow arcs cover the palm’s outside edge, and they would look great with fashionable rings and bracelets. The ring color and bangles shade will uplift your whole mood.

You can use this design for hands and feet both.

henna designs

The Jhumka

The Jhumka appear to be igniting an entire city in this image, and their sophistication is beyond any description. The heart and soul of this henna art form cannot be matched.

With all the color choices, tones, hue, and saturation, it provides an air of royal opulence period of Jodha Akbar.

The wrist’s midsection resembles a horse-drawn carriage bearing a beautiful bride to her spouse.

front hand mehndi designs

The Blossom Mehandi Designs

The bloom has several deep, jungle-inspired layers with foggy dots at the top, followed by eye-shaped spectacles. The result is stunning sunflowers and leaves with a deep pool of color in the center.

In contrast to the other patterns, the hand’s shade is exceptional as it represents the palm of your hand with two identical pigments.

Check how to remove mehndi from nails.

If you’re not open to a range of color options, just choose the one you like most from the illustration. It would be best if the artist could replicate the same design on both sides.

full hand easy mehndi design

5. Back Hand Mehandi Design

Don’t you dare doubt it! Most people focus on the backhand because of its prominence. Pretend you’re a bride-to-be daydreaming of your wedding day. The most visible part of your body is your backhand and it would shine in a natural appearance.

The greatest praise is reserved for your back hand design.

To ensure that your festive occasion is perfect, we have gathered the most stunning and cutting-edge artwork for you to choose from.

The comprehensive list is available for use by brides, schoolgirls, and bridesmaid.

The Anemone Back Hand Mehndi Design

This picture shows anemone blossoms that serve as the basis for this figure. The design is the pure essence of Punjabi Indian culture that focuses on an anemone on the wrist side and fine bright lines below.

There is a pinnacle of beauty in everything, and this layout is the back hand modernism. The aristocratic and imperial vibe is enhanced by the spacey arrows and thick dot pattern.

The arrows sharpen the look, making it a thick piece of art.

back hand mehndi design

back hand mehndi design

The Back Hand of Gold Queen

The gold looks so queenly for a bride. The fingers are the epitome of sweetness. It showers the outline with grace and love.

The space, colors, and elements used in the image are pure class. The red nail polish with golden color looks funky. You can go for other colors too.

Let us know what color you and bridesmaid choose.

back hand henna designs

The Arabic Floral Pattern

The semi-circles with double-layered lines make up this delicate piece. The red nail polish portrays the essence of loveliness.

Check out these boys mehndi designs.

In Indian culture, bridal mehndi designs with nail polish are essential. This design is different as there are circles on the bride’s fingers. The pitch-black color on top of the fingers shapes the whole art.

backhand mehndi design

Raksha Bandhan Mehndi Design

This design is named ” Raksha Bandhan ” because it looks as beautiful as stars shining in the night. The center seems to be a full moon, displaying dominance. The fingers evoke images of flaming meteors.

The nails arise as a supernova rose motif. This design can win millions of hearts. The wristwork is the easiest and appealing.

back hand mehandi design

The Back Hand Circle Mehndi Design

This masterwork is exquisite and enchanting if you are a circle mehndi design enthusiast.

The tiny rounds after rounds attribute the glorious artwork on the back hand. In addition, the intricate patterns of the lotus motif at the endpoint are great.

The artwork on the fingers is pure magnificence and clarity.

back hand mehendi design

The Back Hand Golden Semi-Circle

The most used colorings of henna in Asian countries are golden and black. There is no age restriction for using henna. Everyone values bridal mehndi designs and relishes drawing them on their hands, from bridesmaids to brothers.

The regal shot reveals the sense of pristine loveliness and traits. However, the arm flowers and the backhand semicircle make this design stand out.

back hand mehndi design

The Butterfly Wing

The image first seems like a butterfly wing sporting a handlebar moustache. The wrist painting seems like a twisted bracelet, enriching its attractiveness.

This design is excellent for schoolgirls and sisters because it takes beginner to craft this.

backhand mehandi design

backhand mehandi design

The Geometric Shapes Henna Art

Two cuties in one frame. It takes time to decide which one looks more pleasing. The nail posh is made for this detailed design.

This image’s structure seems like a beautiful jigsaw. The dragon tails follow the circle mehndi design.

brothers henna art

backhand mehandi design

6. Finger Mehndi Design

Even if a woman wears an elegant covering, her fingers will still be displayed, providing the perfect opportunity for showcasing dazzling finger design.

Check out these amazing leg designs.

Anything you want to know is available on the internet nowadays. The finger designs are lovely, intriguing, and awe-inspiring since we have only included the finest of images.

The Black Beauty

Did you ever read the black beauty novel? The black color symbolizes love, attraction, affection, and the connection between two people. The designer intends the wrist to have a slightly distinct design.

Lotus motifs on palms are a true testament to the artist’s expertise since henna is wildly difficult to work with.

The accuracy with which the semicircles on the base were drawn is phenomenal.

finger mehndi design

The Golden Finger Mehndi Design

As the purportedly beautiful core of henna designs, the golden color is popular for adorning the hands.

Lotuses, sunflowers, gold, black color, peacocks, and circles are major elements of every mehndi design.

The same pattern has been implemented here, as the fingers are filled with wildflowers, golden linings, leafy endings, and semicircles around the fingers.

best finger designs

7. Front Hand Simple Mehndi Design

These trendy, simple, and comfortable designs are the work of talented artists from all around the globe, and they will captivate your attention.

Because the hands and feet are the most visible part of the body, they play a crucial role in henna.

The Arabic Mehendi Design

The Arabic floral pattern exemplifies a fashionable and uncomplicated style, which is extraordinary for its assured execution.

The peak swing is excellent and dominates much of the artwork since it aims directly at it.
front hand simple mehndi design
Source: Facebook

Front Hand Simple Design For Hands

The design extends over the ring finger, but the rest of the ring is left unadorned since its understated elegance only enhances the masterpiece’s appeal.

Wrists are made of clear, bright lines on both the left and right that run upside down without confusing one another.

front hand mehndi design
Image Credits: Facebook

The Broad Sanctuary

When we’re almost done with our list, we find something even more wonderful and encouraging, and we have to make room for it.

Check different types of mehndi designs.

The two images below depict the brotherhood, kindness, and empathy that define the relationship between the groom and bride.

The degree of detail is just too great for me to believe that a normal person drew this.

The aesthetic and delicate desirability of pureness makes it so compelling, endearing, and a perfect choice for festive occasions.

Front hand mehndi designs

How to match Mehndi with shoes and clothes?

Combining mehndi (henna) with modern shoes like Nike can create a unique style. Here’s how you could try to match them:
  1. Color Coordination. The color of mehndi is a rich, reddish-brown. You can choose shoes from Nike, Adidas, or Crossreps that matches this, such as a shade of brown.
  2. Design Continuity. You can have a mehndi design that starts from feet and continues onto the shoe. However, it will require a form of paint that can be applied on shoes, as real henna may not stick well on shoe.
  3. Mehndi-inspired Shoes. You can customize the shoes with paint to display the patterns of mehndi. Acrylic paint would be good for this, but use a sealer to protect your design.
  4. Themed Clothing. You can wear clothes that follow the same color theme as your mehndi and shoes. The traditional mehndi can be a good start.
  5. Accessorizing. You can enhance look with bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. The combination of accessories with a modern look will create a fusion look.

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